Welli has arrived with peace. πŸ–– Live long and prosper! It helps humans choose sustainability-, health- and animal-friendly food.

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Climate Change is one of the biggest risks for our existence β†ͺ

Food-sector is one of the biggest GHG emitters with around 1/4 of global total. Only second to the energy sector. β†ͺ

Plant-rich diets is one of the best solutions to climate change according to Drawdown.org, EAT lancet report and many others β†ͺ

Current inaccurate tools and inconvenient plant-based shopping experience makes it harder for people to shop sustainably β†ͺ

It should be easier to make good choices, not harder β†ͺ

Welli is a program that takes in the product data, scans through ingredients and returns what's plant-based and not automatically, which, for example, can be used by online grocery stores in filtering tools, labelling, categorization personalization, recommender systems, search and analytics. Thus creating better customer experiences which increases sales and sustainability efforts. Welli helps food businesses and organizations to ride the sustainability and plant-based trend and not be left behind.

So, with other words...

Welli is a project making it easy for people to choose sustainability-, health- and animal-friendly foods with the help of a smart program which combats current inaccurate labelling and filtering thus creating a better shopping experience that is making it as easy as possible for everyone to shop sustainably thus increasing the chances of people buying more of what the world needs. Making it as convenient as possible to shop sustainable plant-based groceries for everyone. Making it as easy as being an omnivore for all.

With an additional ability of showcasing what's plant-based with our branded label πŸ––, combined with the educational info and our marketing efforts, this will contribute to the needed improvements that the world needs.

Welli helps food businesses and organizations ride the sustainability and plant-based trend πŸ“ˆ and not be left behind. Big prominent names have been and are heavily investing in plant-based industry which is growing steadily. Increase your sales as more and more sustainability-conscious people want to buy from a place that facilitates smarter, sustainable and convenient shopping experience.

Welli helps to create better customer experience and personalization. Allowing e-commerce take the full advantage of the digital nature and grow even more. Welli's contribution to better customer experience will drive more people to shop online thus increasing e-commerce sales. πŸ’°

Welli is a way to communicate and show πŸ“£ your higher commitment to customer experience and sustainability in a new, fresh, interesting, positive and friendly way that will onboard many new people. We will put in the marketing effort into growing the brand in a modern appealing way Γ  la Oatly so that you can reap the benefits.

Welli helps companies help their customers make more sustainable choices, thus contributing to company's CSR and the achievement of the SDGs βœ… thus helping us save ourselves from the climate change.


Climate change as the biggest risk

Top 10 risks Global climate emission sources Top 10 climate solutions according to drawdown.org

Plant-rich diets for the masses improves the world holistically. -EAT foundation

plant-rich diets for the masses improves the world holistically

Welli can make choosing climate-friendly vegan food equally easy and convenient as it is to be an omnivore. This is the missing piece for sustainable eating to go mainstream and create the needed change for the climate and environment. If it is easy and convenient for people to eat plant-based food and it helps the planet, their health and animals then it is a win-win situation that more people will take. Welli's brand (Γ  la Oatly) will educate and increase the recognition factor for sustainable foods, which is crucial for increased awareness and guiding people towards climate-friendly decisions. Welli is focusing on veganism, because it is according to science, the force that is maximizing the positive impact in the world where climate change, global resource constraints and other environmental problems are on us to solve. Learn more about How?

What Are Some Of The Use Cases?

Online grocery stores. The current filters only look for pre-existing veg-labels on the products, which leaves huge amounts of plant-based food undiscoverable as there are many products that are plant-based if you look at the ingredients but which don't have the label. Welli fixes that and can be used to improve filtering & search tools, labeling, dietary preferences, personalization and customer experience. Welli facilitates the shopping of climate-friendly plant-based foods which lowers the threshold and makes it as easy as it is being an omnivore where you won’t need to go through each product to check the ingredients. Vegans won't need to scroll through all of the non-vegan products and get recommendations of products that are non-vegan and so on, which is the case today.

Try out MVP demo browser extension.

Welli becomes smarter and smarter. Upcoming Machine Learning capabilities will make it even better!

Welli opens up opportunities for further impactful projects such as:

  • Wellify as a follow-up tool that would give people suggestions on plant-based alternatives to the products in their cart.
  • Incentive system based on blockchain, rewarding people to shop plant-based foods.
  • In physical stores Welli can be used for creating:

  • Sections within different departments with clear indication of plant-based products.
  • Smart-store app showing Welli label on all plant-based products to nudge people towards climate-friendly choices.
  • Another use case is to mark products that are vegan but don't initially have the mark on the product label. That can be done either by manufacturers or the stores themselves.

    Welli can also be used in restaurants, online ordering and other food service to mark what dishes are vegan and not.

    New startups and existing businesses can utilize & built on top of Welli.

    The nutrition is something that many become concerned about when they hear the word veganism. Welli can over time develop further into such which would be calculating nutrition levels in the customer's basket and guiding towards the one with recommended vitamin and nutrient levels.

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