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Welli aims to help food businesses/organizations to create better customer experiences by taking consumer's dietary preference into account, allowing for better personalization. Welli is focusing on veganism, because it is according to science, the force that is maximizing the positive impact in the world where climate change, global resource constraints and other environmental problems are on us to solve. Learn more about How? Vegan trend grows every day as people educate themselves, thus the demand for a more convenient experiences. You don't want to be left behind. Welli makes buying vegan food as convenient as possible for everyone. Leaving current inaccurate filters behind.

How Does it Work?

Welli is an API (Application Programming Interface) that will tell you whether the food is vegan or not, based on the ingredients with the help of Machine Learning.

What Are Some Of The Use Cases?

In online grocery stores & services like Instacart. The current filters only look for pre-existing Vegan labels on the products, which leaves huge amount of other vegan food undiscoverable. The better Welli service can be used in product filters, dietary preferences and personalization, which will facilitate the buying of vegan food, lower the threshold and make it as easy as it is for omnivores at the moment where you won’t: need to scroll through all of the non-vegan products, go through each product checking the ingredients, get recommendations of products that are non-vegan and so on, as it is today.

It can also be used in restaurants to mark what dishes are vegan or not.

In physical stores it can be used for creating departments within different divisions with clear indication of vegan products. One could create a smart store app showing you vegan products only and through which you could buy the products directly, pick them up where they are in store and walk out without standing in line. Another use case is to mark products that are vegan but don't initially have the mark on the product label.

New startups/existing businesses can utilize & built on top of Welli. One could for instance automate the process of buying food from online grocery stores where the customers would get varying suggestions of set of products each time period chosen by the user, for example each week.

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